We cultivate indigenous grape varieties, in an area where vines have been growing for over two thousand years.


Wines that speak of sustainability and of our terroir

Every day, we work with the goal of optimising our operations in the vineyard through ethical practices that satisfy the requirements of environmental, economic and social sustainability: these have always been the foundations of our actions as a cooperative and are today essential in the world of wine.

Mapping out
the areas

Satellite monitoring

Mechanical weeding

Genetic improvement

Environment-friendly equipment and practices

Forecasting models and weather stations



Computerization of processes

Management of water resources in
the vineyard is a fundamental aspect to which
we devote great attention.

Together with our member growers, we incentivise the use of instrumentation and equipment that adopt a particularly sustainable approach, which allows us to manage the water resources in the vineyard with great care and reduce the impact that we have on the environment.


Rocche Malatestiane

This is a project that highlights the quality of Sangiovese and of growers with hillside vineyards; since 2011, it has involved all of the production process for the company’s Sangioveses from the Rimini area. It is a selection of grapes by terroir, vinified separately in large concrete vats, in line with our cooperative’s tradition; a project based on cooperation and great specialisation, and a precursor of the new charter for the Denominazione di Origine Controllata of Sangiovese di Romagna.


the "Tutto è possibile" line of wines without added sulphites

Tutto è Possibile (“Everything is Possible”) is our new line of Terre Cevico wines without added sulphites: a project conceived and produced in line with ever greater sustainability, in line with the Equalitas standards for an elevated level of respect for the health of consumers and of the environment.


the "Tutto è possibile" wines and the Cooperativa Agricola Braccianti project

The area under vine in the plain around Ravenna is the protagonist – together with our member growers – of this project to highlight the quality of the zone and orient the entire value chain regarding the all-inclusive themes of sustainability.


the "" line of wines

Based on the historic vocation of a number of our member growers’ families, the line of organic Italian wines was created that is promoted and coordinated by Terre Cevico: a project that involves some of Italy’s most important cooperatives from the point of view of environmental, economic and social sustainability.


Novebolle, highlighting the quality of Trebbiano

We are among the leading promoters of the project to highlight the quality of the Trebbiano variety and revive the tradition of making sparkling wine that Romagna enjoyed in the early 20th century: a project that has put a new spotlight on an outstanding wine, with the aim of increasing its consumption and positioning in the marketplace, as well as giving added value to the production chain and our member growers.


Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Appassimento

The soil and climatic characteristics of the area of Coriano in the Province of Ravenna are particularly suited to the production of this Sangiovese with great structure and considerable concentration of sugars. These traits of the terroir were an essential condition for the production of a wine with its own value chain aimed at underlining the great worth of our members, of their hilly sites, and of the Sangiovese grape variety.