Terre Cevico company

The story of many people,
the story of a Group.

Terre Cevico company

Terre Cevico was founded, as a cooperative, in 1963, producing wine from grapes grown by its members throughout Romagna.
In the 1960s and ’70s Terre Cevico began trading its wine, exclusively in bulk. A step forward, in the ’80s and ’90s, was that of selling in standard and larger-size bottles. Since 2000, in line with feedback from the market, Terre Cevico has started to produce and package wines in cartons and bottles for the HORECA channel.

Today Terre Cevico is a Group that operates principally in Emilia Romagna, but also with its own wineries in Veneto and Puglia. Terre Cevico’s wines are present in 69 countries around the world, especially in, Japan, Russia, Sweden, United States, Great Britain and Vietnam, with a consolidated group turnover of 196,7 million Euros.

Terre Cevico is one of Italy’s most important cooperative wine production businesses.

110 million
each year
* as an equivalent of 75 cl. bottles
217,2 € million
Consolidated turnover
in Euros
Production facilities
120 million
Kilos of grapes
every year
Countries to which we export
Prestigious international

Terre Cevico: the heart in Romagna, the head in the world.


A network of vine-growing and wine-producing cooperatives
Our headquarters at Lugo in the Province of Ravenna is the strategic centre of a system that guarantees technical and sales services for the entire production chain. The Cooperative Wineries receive grapes from their member-growers and proceed with vinification. Our network is structured in such a way that each cooperative specialises in a specific area, while the Terre Cevico system allow us to put into effect those economic and commercial synergies that enable us to increase our competitiveness in the global marketplace, optimizing the costs of production and commercialisation. In short, Terre Cevico’s strategy enables it to be “big when necessary and small enough to remain close to its many members”.


The wines produced by Terre Cevico are exported to 69 countries around the world. The Group has five top markets: Japan, Russia, Sweden, United States, Great Britain and Vietnam.

Export countries

Bilancio di sostenibilità

Each year, Terre Cevico draws up and presents a Sustainability Balance Sheet, with the aim of sharing the culture and knowledge of wine and the everyday gestures involved in its production. We have decided to transform what was up until now a technical document into a publication that reveals our identity and our history, as well as looking towards the future.

Download Sustainability Balance

Risorsa Vino Bene Comune 2018 nr.2

Risorsa Vino Bene Comune 2018 nr.2