Our feet are planted firmly in our future.

Our history is also our future. It derives from our fathers, from our grandfathers, from those who understood that we could only obtain positive results by acting in unison. Only the union of lots of people in a cooperative could create a new environment in which to live with dignity, working the land profitably even with small areas of vineyard. This is what we did when, in 1963, we founded our cooperative, in order to produce high-quality wines of which we are justly proud.

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We give our all to our land. The land has to be loved, protected, and cared for.

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Group map
Bottling facilities
  • 1. Lugo
  • 2. Forlì
  • 3. Reggio Emilia
  • 4. Verona
Coop. Colli Romagnoli
  • 5. Coriano di Rimini
  • 6. Faenza
  • 7. Imola
Coop. Le Romagnole
  • 8. Alfonsine
  • 9. Bagnacavallo
  • 10. Filetto
  • 11. Fusignano
  • 12. Massalombarda
  • 13. Voltana
  • 14. Sant’Alberto
Tenuta Masselina
  • 15. Castelbolognese
  • 16. Imola
Grape collection facilities
  • 17. Casola Valsenio
  • 18. Filo di Argenta
Maturation/wood ageing facilities
  • 19. Santarcangelo di Romagna
  • 20. Castelbolognese
  • 21. Colli Romagnoli, Coriano

We are 5000 families of vine-growers, we cultivate 7000 hectares of vineyards, and we have 20 wineries. And we share a common goal: to grow, together.

Our grape varieties are like us: born here, in Romagna.

We grow indigenous varieties, in an area where vines have made their home for over two thousand years: a wide basin, which stretches from Rimini to Casola Valsenio, passing through the territories of Cesena, Forlì and Faenza, as far as the sandy soils of the Park of the Po Delta in the north-east, and including the fertile Ravenna plain in the centre.
This area yields distinctive wines, which are an integral part of us and reflect our character. Wines that are our ambassadors all over the world.

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