An area to love, protect and care for.
Here colours, flavours and fragrances become wines.


We employ systems that can manage and reduce the use of natural water resources.

We believe in the concept of “doing more with less” and we have chosen to live in harmony with nature, putting our organic and sustainable philosophy into practice. For this reason, we have launched a programme to improve our management of water, and, at the same time, we are investing in the use of instrumentation that allows us to optimise the water resources we do use.

A single objective:

carbon neutral operations and wines

We have implemented techniques and strategies that result in increasing our capacity to sequester carbon dioxide in the vineyards and in all the activities of our value chain. In 2021 this approach led us to prefer transport by rail rather than using trucks, thus sparing tons of CO2 from entering the environment.

Our commitment to reducing environmental impact

- 171 ML

Drawing water from natural sources

*In the 2021/2022 campaign

-85% CO²

Released into the environment

986 t

Lees processed into soil improvers for the vineyard

We believe in biodiversity for maintaining a natural balance in the vineyard

We want to preserve the precious resources in the environment and in our vineyards.
The presence of minerals, microorganisms, fungi, flora and fauna naturally enrich the ecosystem in which the vines are grown.
For this reason we strive to guarantee their presence, thus creating stable, balanced cultivation that requires less human intervention and ensures less impact on the environment.