What kind of wine are you looking for?

Choose the most suitable wine for the experience you want to enjoy

A good bottle of wine, when served with a meal, is an indication of the attention we are dedicating to our guests, and of the joy that their presence gives us. It is therefore important to choose it carefully, whether it is white, red or frizzante. In our cellars you will find the complete range of our Region’s wines: varied tastes of Romagna to delight your guests.

Ours are sincere, genuine wines, perfect for accompanying everyday, family dishes.

They have all the typical flavour of the wines of Romagna, enhanced by the quality that derives from a meticulous vinification process. They are wines to try, enjoy, and fall in love with.

Celebrating an event, whether large or small, always calls for an important, full-flavored wine, which stands out on the table and accompanies your guests’ palates on a journey in which sight, smell and taste are their ideal traveling companions: a wine like those that we propose here, in which all of Romagna’s noble style emerges.