We all work side by side, respecting a shared code of ethics that results from the values of cooperation that we have always believed in


Our values have grown along with our history

Our history is our future. It stems from our fathers and from our grandfathers, from those who understood that we could obtain serious results only by acting in unison. Thanks to our cooperative, we have been able to create a context in which to live with dignity and work the land profitably, even with small areas of vineyard. In 1963 we planted the seed of Terre Cevico, to produce high-quality wines in line with our underlying values.

We give backing

to our members with training as well as technical and agronomic support

6.3 million Euro

Profits distributed to our members. Economic value distributed: 190,1 million Euro

*Relating to the 2022/2023 accounts

We work hard

to guarantee the best possible income for our members

We are women and men who, every day, carry out their work with these 5 values in mind


Thanks to the unity of a great many people, we have created an environment in which cooperation and mutual help allow us to live and work the land with profit, producing high-quality wines of which we are proud. Since when, in 1963, we created our cooperative, we have never stopped putting into practice the principles in which we have always believed.


Our wines come from vineyards tended using the age-old, tried and tested methods of our vignerons, and are made by following strict processes and certified protocols, from the land to the winery. This pact for transparency guides all our decisions and is evidenced by the care we demonstrate for the environment and for all those who become part of our world.


We have always worked according to a recognized ethical standard that acts as a guide for our company and the entire value chain, with particular attention to all the people who come into contact with our business and all the communities that live in our region, in order to protect the wellbeing and safety of everyone.


We have the fundamental goal of guaranteeing for all of our employees, collaborators and stakeholders psychological and physical wellbeing and a high degree of training, crucial for developing specific skills and a conscience regarding sustainability. Because it is only with culture and education that we can be ready to face together the challenges of the future.


Among the values that are part of our DNA, solidarity has always made our group stronger and more united. Thanks to a relationship based on cooperation and mutual help, we have reinforced our identity and achieved an awareness that we can aim for constant improvement and targeted development of the production-related and commercial strategies we have in place.

and a great yearning for the future

In 1913, at Nonantola, near Modena, the first cooperative winery in Emilia Romagna was founded, uniting small-scale vine growers and guaranteeing them dignity and respect. Today, the cooperative movement in Romagna, of which Terre Cevico has been a part since 1963, represents a virtuous system that creates wealth for all its members in an equitable and responsible way, by increasing the collective value of terroirs and their products, as well as supplying the market with high-quality wines at the right price.